Welcome to Reshma's Art Gallery

India has been a land of wonders. My paintings have been inspired by the rich architecture and scenes from everyday life. Some have been captured live and some from photographs. The rural life in diversity has specially influenced me. Color and their rich hues have always intrigued me hence Rajasthan occupies a special place in my works.I have been mesmerised by the eyes of people, the mirrors of the human soul within. Hence I have a fascination for painting portraits, capturing the expression in the eyes.

Since childhood, spirituality plays a significant role in my life. Before embarking on a new project, the blessings of Lord Ganesha are sought for the successful completion of my endeavours. "Lord Krishna & Lord Balaji" also have a deep impact on me.

Being a Hyderabadi I have been enamoured by the majestic Charminar, Tombs and other architectural monuments, some of which have been painted realistically and some in a stylised form. I believe in the beauty of God's creation and see its magnitude in its minutest detail.